Nicholas Galitzine

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Nicholas Galitzine: The Rising Star of Romantic Films

A Breakout Performance in Purple Hearts

When Nicholas Galitzine's name appeared on the credits of the Netflix film Purple Hearts, few could have predicted the impact he would make. His portrayal of the charming Marine, Luke Morrow, opposite Sofia Carson's Cassie Salazar, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

From London to Hollywood

Born in London on September 29, 1994, Nicholas Galitzine's acting career began in the theaters of his hometown. His breakout role came in the 2019 film Chambers, where he played the enigmatic Elliot Lefevre. Since then, he has starred in a string of acclaimed films, including Cinderella, Red, and The Craft: Legacy.

With his magnetic screen presence and ability to convey raw emotions, Nicholas Galitzine is poised to become a household name in Hollywood. As he embarks on his next chapter, fans eagerly await the captivating stories and characters he will bring to life on screen.