Trillions Of Periodical Cicadas To Emerge In Eastern Us This Spring

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Trillions of Periodical Cicadas to Emerge in Eastern US This Spring

Brood XIX and Brood XIII to Appear After 13 and 17 Years, Respectively

What to Expect When Trillions of Bugs Emerge

Trillions of periodical cicadas will emerge from the ground this spring after spending 13 or 17 years underground. Brood XIX, a 13-year brood, is set to emerge in the spring of 2024 in 14 states across the Southeast and Midwest. Brood XIII, a 17-year brood, will also emerge in 2024.

Cicada sightings have already been reported in several states including Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia, but with warm temperatures expected, more sightings are likely in the coming weeks.

When the cicadas emerge, they will be looking to mate and lay eggs. They will be most active during the day, and their loud, buzzing sound can be heard from miles away.

While cicadas are not harmful to humans or animals, they can be a nuisance. They can damage trees and plants, and their shed skins can be unsightly.

If you are in an area where cicadas are expected to emerge, there are a few things you can do to prepare: